Mission Statement

Satyahindi.com is an independent News Network founded by a group of eminent journalists with a mission to bring forth the truth and expose the rising trend of Post Truth, motivated false narratives and Fake news.

As a network, we will defend the idea of India, constitutionalism, democracy, secular values and freedom of expression; we want to celebrate the diversity of India and cherish pluralism.

The current state of the Indian Media is worrisome to say the least. Democracy, secularism, liberalism, equal rights, human rights, dissent, fair journalism and free speech seem to be under threat and the need of the hour is to stand up and fight. We are a group of senior journalists with impeccable credentials who feel concerned at the state of the fourth pillar of democracy. Let it not be said that no one cared. We do. And in this process of trying to stand up for the creation of a liberal, modern, progressive, secular, equitable and corruption free society, satyahindi.com will strive towards:

  1. Clean Politics: free from money & muscle power, caste & religion, crime & corruption
  2. Safeguarding democracy and democratic values
  3. Preserving diversity and promoting pluralism
  4. Communal harmony and shared cultural heritage
  5. Electoral reforms
  6. Free and independent judiciary
  7. Individual freedom for religious faith, food habits, sexual orientation, etc.
  8. Strengthen social and gender equality and fight against discrimination based on caste, creed, religion and race
  9. Women upliftment and empowerment
  10. Affordable education and health
  11. Non-discriminatory development policy for all citizens of the country which do not leave behind or oppress or exploit marginalised poor and weaker sections like Dalits, Tribals and Minorities.
  12. Free and fair media

Satyahindi.com is not associated with any political party or group. We are not here to promote any political outfit or leader/s. We will judge the policy, ideology, attitude, work and philosophy of a government, political party or organisation or its leaders based on above fundamental principles.

Satyahindi.com will give fair space and representation to views of all hues although some of them may not agree with Network’s Editorial Philosophy. Because democracy is about differing opinions. It is about debate and dissent.

But distortion of facts is different thing than disagreeing with a viewpoint.

The bottom line is that the Truth must be told whatever it takes.

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